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Encendedor de Detección Táctil Cargado por Cable USB

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Este encendedor sensible al tacto funciona con una batería recargable y no requiere gasolina ni combustible para encender su cigarrillo. Es muy seguro y no crea una llama porque funciona con electricidad estática, lo que lo hace muy ecológico. En particular, utiliza calor intenso para encender el cigarrillo en todos los climas (vientos fuertes, fuertes lluvias, tormentas eléctricas, nevadas, etc.). Se puede cargar con un conector USB y no necesita llenarlo con gasolina, lo que lo hace muy conveniente. Solo toma 3 horas por carga y utiliza una batería de aluminio de alto rendimiento que puede cargarse y descargarse unas 500 veces. La conexión del encendedor USB es solo para cargar y se puede conectar a una computadora, cargador de teléfono móvil y otros tipos de carga con cualquier voltaje de salida DC5V. En caso de primer uso o largos períodos de inactividad, conecte el cargador, luego desconecte y vuelva a conectar el cargador. Una vez que el encendedor esté completamente cargado, desconecte inmediatamente la fuente de alimentación. Es un gadget de viaje perfecto con un aspecto moderno que impresionará a sus amigos y colegas.

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Windproof Lighter – Light cigarettes in all weather conditions.

USB Charged – Easily charged at your desk, in your car or from any powered USB port.

Watch Face Size: 4.5cm Diameter.

Watch Weight: 3.17 oz/ 90 g.

Watchband Material: Rubber;

Watch Case Material: metal;

Watchband Width: 2.2cm;

Watch Total Length: About 26cm

Material: Metal

Model Number: JL709

Function: Windproof,Environmental protection,Environmental protection

Energy source: lithium-ion battery charge

Weight: About 80g

Fuel: USB rechargeable lighter, not oil or gas


Buyer common problems consulting and reply

Q: If there were no electricity. How long does it need to charge?

A: Lighter never to the end of the charging, need only three hours.

Q: How to charge?

A: As long as you can insert the USB. You can charge.

Q: When is the best time to charge?

A: Lithium-ion batteries have no memory, in use can recharge. There is no need to wait until no electricity to charge, power cuts can also be used.

Q: If power saturation. How long can use?

A: Usually, can ignite 100 cigarettes.

Q: Because this lighter is to use battery power, voltage is very low. The heating wire fever will slow?

A: Due to internal circuit’s unique design and selection of electric heating wire material, start switch after the smoke near the heating wire at the same time. At the same time of smoke close to the heating wire, heat enough to ignite the smoke from the heating wire.

Q: What’s need to pay attention to the problems in use?

A: Please do not put the lighter in water or other liquid, because can lead to short circuit. Due to cigarette smoke need to contact heating wire, so do not force oppression heating wire. If you have tobacco into the heating wire, please clean up in time! This is helpful to extend the service life of a cigarette lighter. Disappear when electricity, heating wire fever will slow down. In a timely manner, please recharge!


Package Included:

1 X USB  Cigarette Lighter

1 X USB  Charge cable

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  1. philpap

    Being a smoker many years now, I always struggled to lit up a cigarette in extreme weather conditions. This product made my life simpler. It is tough, safe for my children and it has a great long-lasting battery. Its strong point, though, is its beautiful and compact design, which allows it to be stored in the smokers’ packet. Charging time is short and materials used seem to be good. The only disadvantage is the limited colors offered. I would like to have it in a white-colored shape. The price is good and delivering times were on schedule. The firms’ personnel were very explaining and all order issues evolved smoothly. Well done, keep this way!


  2. Γεωργία Ιωάννου

    Στην αρχή ήμουν διστακτική ως προς την αγορά του αναπτήρα αυτού γιατί δεν ήξερα πως λειτουργεί και εάν θα λειτουργεί. Η αλήθεια είναι ότι η τιμή του είναι λίγο ακριβή σε σχέση με τους συμβατικούς αναπτήρες. Αλλά όταν όμως τον χρησιμοποίησα για πρώτη φορά μου άρεσε πολύ γιατί ανάβει εύκολα το τσιγάρο. Ακόμα και όταν είχε λίγο αέρα το άναβε με ευκολία και δεν έσβησε.

    Γεωργία Ιωάννου

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